15 Things to Know About Coffee (The Oatmeal)

What It Shows

A fairly hodgepodge list of 15 coffee facts, from the invention of instant coffee to how the caffeine buzz works in the brain.

Why It’s Good

While not taking the most advantage of the graphical elements to convey extra information otherwise difficult to express only in words, the strength of the visuals are in making the information fun to learn. There are jokes throughout, and the colourful art is well done and equally silly. The Oatmeal is strongly visual humour oriented, so the infographic is consistent with the rest of the site (that tends to be a bit more absurd).

What It’s Missing

Nothing really, for what it’s trying to accomplish. Although in mentioning the “King of England” that suppressed coffee houses in 1675, could have said precisely which (Charles II).

Found at The Oatmeal here.