Carland (Coleen Corcoran & Joe Prichard, Good Magazine)

Carland Coleen Corcoran Joe Prichard Good Magazine

What It Shows

A century of automotive history in the form of a game board. This inforgraphic covers environmental laws and innovations, new technologies, and the creation of the most significant cars in history.

Why It’s Good

The information is easy to follow and understand, serving as a nice tour of the last hundred years. The events covered are significant enough, so no problem in content choice (unless more of a car expert than me car point out a missing significant event?)

What It’s Missing

While the infograph is pretty, I’m not sure the visual aspects offer any value as far as conveying information. If all of the information was presented in a simple list or table there would be no knowledge lost, however dull it may look. Still entertaining, but it’s nicer when the visuals are for more than just aesthetics.

Found at Good Magazine here, created by Coleen Corcoran & Joe Prichard.