Cheetah (Jacob O’Neal)

What It Shows

This infographic is an animated fact sheet all about the cheetah, with a specific focus on its speed (obviously).

Why It’s Good

Normally I’m not super into fact sheet infographics, but I was taken by the art style. I love when infographics effectively use colour to establish an additional layer of categorization, but it’s just not necessary for an infographic like this; the monochrome works just fine.

This is the first animated gif infographic I’ve reviewed, and I think this really was a case where animation makes sense. How else can you truly show the cheetah’s stride?

What It’s Missing

The facts about cheetah speed were great, but I can’t help feeling like, once you’re going animated, you should show the cheetah moving forward, maybe showing relative speed/acceleration by showing a looping “race” between the cheetah and useful comparisons.

This infographic was made by Jacob O’Neal, and can be found along with his other work here.

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