Ebb and Flow of Movies (NY Times)


What It Shows

This fairly interactive infographic covers over 20 years (1986-2008) of revenue spikes from box office sales. Scroll or search for film names, and see the early spike and quick drop.

Why It’s Good

Having two decades of information makes it an extremely thorough visual source, color-coded nicely too. They’ve also quite cleverly integrated internal links to other NY Times resources, allowing readers to see more about the movies they’ve just seen represented in the comparison.

What It’s Missing

I would have liked to have seen the revenue figures with a mouse hover over a particular movie. It seemed like the information was there, so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have put it. I know the figure evolves over time, but there’s no question that a taper-off point is reached. The legend on the right helped a little.


  • http://rocketspanish-reviewpros.com/ Tayna

    Interesting pattern – it looks like mountains in a reflection of a lake. I guess that means the peaks and dips occur at the same times?