How You Can Live to 100 (EHM)

What It Shows

A list of lifestyle decisions that can result in longer life expectancy, the stated goal being live to 100 years of age.

Why It’s Good

It’s pretty, in its way, with the single colour cartoony silhouette icons for different elements that I tend to rebe a sucker for in infographics.

What It’s Missing

A lot is missing, unfortunately. As an infographic, the visual aspects do little to add to or quicken learning beyond making a list prettier, so much so (or so little so) that I’m debating whether or not to even call it an infographic.

I also found what seemed like a focus on reducing the likelihood of dying from specific things strange, from drinking green tea to lower the risk of death from heart disease or stroke, to eating peanuts for improved cardiovascular health. I want more general tips that would basically have me die from old age, but much older, and not just try to prevent specific ways people tend to die.

It seemed like many were options that could just as easily have been other things, because it was the underlying effects that could be found in other ways that were significant. Surely there are other ways to keep brain cells young and healthy besides embracing new technology, and vacations and sleeping more, which were also on the list, should be considered as part of a bigger picture view of stress and health.

Also, the list missed some of the most unexpected and compelling elements of longevity, like living in multi-generational homes and other very cool case studies. If you want to learn more about that, and if you’re interested in the topic (as I imagine most people are), check out the entertaining and much more informative TED talk below:

In many ways, this post was just an excuse for me to point you to the above video.

Found at Executive HM here.