Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map

What It Shows

This video infographic shows the map of Japan and marks the locations of 2011’s earthquakes. The magnitude of each earthquake is expressed in the size of the circle marking its location. It’s impossible to not react when the big one hits.

Why It’s Good

This infographic is very reminiscent of the nuclear bomb video infographic, which I thought was great. This is clearly the most efficient way to not only communicate the information, but to an international audience.

As much as I adore words and language, I love when infographics don’t need them. Very simple, to the point, and graphically effective.

Oh, and coolest point of all? Listen with headphones. The sound location mirrors the quake location.

What It’s Missing

Thankfully, the earthquake rate and timeline isn’t as boring to watch as the nuclear infographic, but there is still a bit of drag. It can’t be helped, though, if they are to keep the time progression linear (which is the greater good).

If anyone knows the creator of this infographic, let me know!