Lucid Dreaming (Oneironautics)

What It Shows

This infographic visually explains strategies to help a person in their quest for lucid dreaming, where a dreamer is aware that they are dreaming while dreaming. As a person who has failed at this for years, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even if you realize you’re dreaming, many people find that the excitement of this realization wakes them up. This infographic helps improve your odds for success, granting you conscious access to a new space with more flexible physics and reality control.

Why It’s Good

I really like the style of the artwork. It’s clear that this isn’t an infographic where the form of the information is crucial to conveying its content. This is a simple list of instruction wrapped in artwork, and while I’ve criticized that before, I’m far more willing to tolerate it when I enjoy the art. What bugs me are cases where infographics also list information or instructions, but do it with cheap and quick Illustrator cartoons and shapes.

Also, I’m partial to the subject matter. The concept is just too cool, and anything that’ll help me get there, I’ll help back.

What It’s Missing

While it does contribute to the style vibe, the font used for the instructions at the bottom is rather hard to read. I think they could have kept the atmosphere and helped things along a little.

The visuals in the upper half really contribute little to nothing to understanding how to lucid dream, but at least the information in the bottom half seem correct based on other information I’ve read.

This infographic has a video version by the same creators, which can be found here.

  • Manic-baby

    I like the artwork style however I don’t understand why the font size differs in the instructions.