Stimulus Home Buying Tax Credits (Fixr)

What It Shows

A flowchart to ascertain eligibility for government tax credits in purchasing a home, as well as remodeling opportunities, all tied to the economic stimulus plan.

Why It’s Good

The infographic does a good job of taking a potentially dull topic and making it easy to understand. The flowchart was an excellent choice for relaying this kind of information. Also, the relevant information was there, and the infographic is self-sufficient and thorough enough to be useful.

What It’s Missing

It’s not the sexiest infographic in the world, but far from the ugliest. I also like when an infographic that introduces a topic gives sources and references for further background reading. The goal is to impart knowledge, so why not? In fact, the page on the source site that discusses this infographic does give more information, so I would have liked to have seen the URL to that page in the infographic itself.

That page can be found at Fixr here.