UNHRC Refugee Statistics (Scruton, McCormick, Sheehy)

What It Shows

This infographic mainly indicates the amounts of refugees leaving and entering countries around the world.

Why It’s Good

The idea to represent these figures as circles was great. Not only are you able to get a relative quantitative comparison between countries by the sizes of the circles, but the circles allow for a very easy to understand way of expressing when countries have both incoming and outgoing refugees, with one circle inside another.

I also very much like that the countries are grouped by continent, with a rough world map being shown by the circles. Extra information by region is presented, making the knowledge transferred by the infographic quick and rather full.

I also like that they linked directly to their source data.

What It’s Missing

Other than wondering where Mexico is, I find this infographic to be pretty complete. It’s unfortunate that the large image couldn’t be of better quality, and that the Scribd viewer is required for optimal viewing.

This infographic, put together by the clever team at The Guardian’s graphics department, can be found here.