What Is The Difference? (Metrobest)

What It Shows

This infographic shows that despite our feelings of arrogance, in many ways humans are not more special than other animals, by showing the traits we share: tool use, long term memory, counting, self awareness, culture, emotions, complex communication, and sense of humor.

Why It’s Good

It’s a good subject, and presented beautifully with attractive illustrations and use of color. The information relayed isn’t exactly complex, and presenting it was not much of a challenge, but as always, the simpler the information, the more I expect out of the aesthetics. This infographic delivers.

I also very much like that despite making the point about our shared elements, it explains that we are the best long distance runners of any species.

What It’s Missing

While I appreciate the long distance running mention, I would have liked a bit of comparison to other animals and the degree to which they travel or run long distances, instead of a grab bag of animal stats. Also, since it is the golden trait we have, I would have liked a little bit more information as to why, including foot and leg anatomy and productive shape, and our ability to sweat, which, unlike other animals, provides an outstanding cooling system for the body that keeps us going when other animals have to stop from overheating.

For an incredible display of Kalahari Bushmen using persistence hunting, where prey is simply outrun, check out the video below. Once we’re establishing our running abilities, let’s go a step further and celebrate:

Also, unless I’m mistaken, I believe I remember reading that humans are have the most accurate throw of any animal. Some monkeys are good, and actually elephants have pretty good aim, but I believe we’re the best. Yay opposable thumb.

This infographic was created by Metrobest, and is available on Flickr here.

  • http://improvememory-reviewpros.com Fritz Balcorta

    A fascinating book about the importance of the human ability to run long distances is “The Greatest Race Never Seen”. The theory is that it was this ability more than others that led to our ancestors surviving and while Neanderthals, (bigger, stronger, and with larger brains) became extinct.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this suggestion, much appreciated. I’ll check it out!