World Hunger by the Numbers (Online Schools)

What It Shows

This infographic is presents a series of world hunger related facts. I normally let the infographic itself present the facts, but here are some doozies:

– 25,000 die from hunger every day.
– 1 in 3 caucasian Americanse receive food stamps before turning 20. 9 out of 10 African Americans.
– A child dies every 6 seconds from hunger.

Why It’s Good

The information is clear, the facts are shocking and interesting, the visuals support them nicely, and it’s an important issue. Despite the massive BROWN of it all, I like the style, too.

What It’s Missing

This infographic makes me curious for more facts and more details about the facts. I don’t think the infographic is particularly short on information, especially for the punches they pack, but I want to know more. Thankfully, they’ve sourced adequately, so I will know more!

While I recognize the intended audience and the desire for contrast and relational data, I found the inclusion of American statistics a bit odd in an otherwise globally-oriented infographic. I think hunger in America is a serious issue as is hunger anywhere, but I would rather have had a truly global hunger infographic (I’m sure there’s data to fill the void left behind) and an American hunger infographic as well, which could pair nicely with American food consumption and obesity figures. Now that I think about it, that must exist somewhere. I’ll have a look.

This infographic is found here.