Trilogy Meter (Dan Meth)
Ebb and Flow of Movies (NY Times)
How Long Will It Last? (Armin Reller & Tom Graedel)
Carland (Coleen Corcoran & Joe Prichard, Good Magazine)
15 Things to Know About Coffee (The Oatmeal)
Picturing the Past 10 Years (Phillip Niemeyer at the New York Times)
The Facts About Bottled Water (Online Education)
How You Can Live to 100 (EHM)
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Oscars (LocateTV)
Periodic Table of Professional Cycling (Cyclosm)
Color Me a Dinosaur Crayola Chronology (Weather Sealed)
Flower Power: February’s Booming Floral Economy (Mint)
The Top 100 Sites on the Internet (BBC)
Stimulus Home Buying Tax Credits (Fixr)
The Best Places to Buy a House in America (Fixr)
College in America (Online Colleges and Universities)
Teen Pregnancy in America: Facts & Statistics (Online Ultrasound Schools)
North Korea: The Craziest Country in the World (Jason Powers)
World Hunger by the Numbers (Online Schools)
Canada’s Most Visited Attractions (Canada 411)
Left vs Right (David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec)
The iPod Index (Burak Nehbit)
Age Distribution on Social Network Sites (Pingdom)
2010 Bundle Report: How America Spends (Stefanie Posavec)
Celebrity Body Insurance (Free Insurance Quotes)
London Property Search (Gartoo)
Ever Gotten a Date Online? (Online Schools)
How to Improve Your Credit Score (YourWealthPuzzle)
The Five Stages of Your Life (Worm Miller & Marek Haiduk)
Indo-European Language Tree
D-Day (5W Graphics)
So You Need a Typeface (Julian Hansen)
Up In Smoke (Good Magazine & Graham Roberts)
Why Do Freeways Come to a Stop (Stephen J. Beard & Rich Exner)
How Come Cheap Airlines Are So Cheap? (5W Graphics)
Surface Area Required to Power the World (Land Art Generator Initiative)
The Energy Used in Google Search (Wellhome)
How Wild is North America? (The Big Wild)
Worst Oil Spills (Tiffany Farrant)
UNHRC Refugee Statistics (Scruton, McCormick, Sheehy)
The Economics of the World Cup (Know Your Money)
Mean Happiness (GOOD & Open)
The True Cost of Homeownership (Moolanomy)
What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn? (VOXY)
David McCandless: The Beauty of Data Visualization (TED)
Tea Facts (Steven Trotter)
Inception Infographics: Which is the Best Inception Infographic?
Full English Chart
The Simpsons Voices
Chilean Miners Rescue (Andrew Blenkinsop & Michael Agar)
“1945-1998″: Nuclear Bomb Detonations (Isao Hashimoto)
Historical Browser Statistics (Axiis)
Lucid Dreaming (Oneironautics)
Transgender (Charlie Rocket)
What Is The Difference? (Metrobest)
Facebook vs Google Plus (Jason Delodovici)
The Hidden Costs of Running a Business (Towergate)
Battle of the Business Cards (Printing Choice)
The Boardwalk Empire (
Survival in the Event of a Zombie Attack (Z.E.R.O.)
The Growth of Walmart & Sam’s Club (Flowing Data)
China Global Investment Tracker Interactive Map (
Visualizing How a Population Grows to 7 Billion (Adam Cole & Maggie Starbard)
Chart Suggestions: A Thought Starter (Andrew Abela)
A Cupful of Tea Facts (Holland & Barrett)
Horoscoped: Most Common Words in Star Sign Predictions (David McCandless, Matt Hancock & Thomas Winningham)
Mapping America (Matthew Block, Shan Carter, Alan McLean)
The Game of Life (Lifebroker)
History’s Hottest Holiday Toys 1903-2010 (Black Friday)
The Designer’s Toolkit (BestVendor)
TOMS: Giving Back, One for One (Autism United)
Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map
Who’s Most Prone to Insomnia (Canada Drug Center)
Apple Tree (Mike Vasilev)
Getting Over Acne (AcneTreatment)
The Size of the Sun As Seen From Each Planet
The Evolutionary Tree of Religion (Simon E. Davies)
Tech Support Facts You Can’t Ignore (Radialpoint)
Cloud Atlas (Tom Morse-Brown & Lyn Brown)
Cheetah (Jacob O’Neal)
A Billion Degrees of Separation (Information is Beautiful)
Whisky Wheel (Whisky Mag)

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