Other Sites

Here are links to my favorite infographics sites from around the web:

  • Visual Loop
  • : This one’s all about the archive. If you feel like spending four-and-a-half weeks straight looking at infographics, go here.

  • Information Is Beautiful
  • : Well-known infographics, and McCandless is a great speaker.

  • Chart Porn
  • : A fine collection of infographics. Unlike most sites (but like mine, of course), you get some reviewness, too.

  • DailyInfographic
  • : The name says it all. Feed the addiction.

  • CoolInfographics
  • : A legend amongst infographics sites, Randy Krum is a dedicated blogger and all around swell guy.

  • Good Magazine
  • : Very popular large infographics, often very socially conscious.

  • Visual Complexity
  • : A great site and a great book! I’ll post a review as soon as I can.

  • Junk Charts
  • : Love this concept. Takes existing data visualizations, and offers alternates.