How to Improve Your Credit Score (YourWealthPuzzle)

credit score infographic

What It Shows

This infographic displays the dos and do nots for improving your credit score using a game board as a format.

Why It’s Good

It’s important to maintain a solid credit rating, so it’s nice to see informational tools to help. There is a lot of information here as a collection of what seems to be pretty much all you would want to know about what to do to evaluate and improve your score.

The format is interesting. On one hand, I feel like a list of good ideas and another list of mistakes would probably serve me better. On the other hand, I like how the board’s path represents a kind of order to things, starting with checking a credit report and moving forward from there. The order is rough, and it’s not really step-by-step, but I think it’s enough of a chronology that the board game format works.

Aesthetically, the infographic is satisfying enough.

What It’s Missing

It really doesn’t flow perfectly. For example, #4 on the infographic says “‘Borrow’ another’s record”, and the next part of the board (the curve) gives a range of credit scores, with the sentence being finished on the space after the curve, with “by being added to a credit card as a joint account holder or by getting someone to co-sign a loan for you”. I think that explanations like these are necessary for the infographic to be functional, but the breaking up of sentences across multiple board spaces is a bit annoying.

This infographic was found at YourWealthPuzzle here.