The Five Stages of Your Life (Worm Miller & Marek Haiduk)

What It Shows

This infographic is a humourous grid breakdown of different aspects of life depending on what stage of your life you’re in: Infancy, Adolescence, College, Adulthood, and Old Age. These aspects are presented as beginnings of phrases (eg. “A burden on…”), and the phrase is completed differently depending on the life stage in question.

Why It’s Good

Sometimes infographics are great because they relay important factual information, whereas others aren’t as strictly factual, but humourously observant, in the same way that a stand up comedian presents truth. This infographic is the latter kind. It’s not only funny, but there’s at least one joke in every row of the grid. The jokes are clever in different ways, too. They play off stereotypes that don’t represent everyone, of course, but no stereotypes do, and good comedy often results from successful analysis of behaviour patterns.

What It’s Missing

The humour style is not for everyone, certainly, but I imagine that if you find any of it funny, you probably find all of it funny.

This infographic is found at MADATOMS here.