Tech Support Facts You Can’t Ignore (Radialpoint)

What It Shows

This infographic assembles a collection of tech support related facts, highlighting examples of inefficiencies and wastefulness.

Why It’s Good

Some of these facts are pretty staggering:

  • When consumers make tech support requests for a problem they’re trying to solve, 73% of the time the solution involves a product associated with a company other than the one they called
  • Tech support agents use Google 59% of the time when helping people with issues

I didn’t realize how much tech support is actually “here, you Google this for me”, and how much of the time a person is giving advice somewhat blindly trusting what they read online while the clock is ticking and someone’s on the phone. If all they’re doing is Googling for me, why would I bother waiting on hold to get me call picked up…?

What It’s Missing

While these tech support problems were interesting to learn about, the company that made the infographic really did it to present their Reveal knowledge management product as the solution. I can see the explanation of how it does help, but they used way too much space at the bottom being rather commercial about it. I think they must have figured that the infographic would only have niche appeal, but I think it’s interesting for anyone who has ever called technical support before. I think that the commercial targeting of tech support people gets in the way of its ability to succeed with a general audience.

Artistically… so-so. It does the job and doesn’t offend the eyes, but the art for the people/characters seems rushed and uninspired.

This infographic was found on the Radialpoint blog here