Celebrity Body Insurance (Free Insurance Quotes)

Celebrity Insurance Infographic

What It Shows

This infographic shows which celebrities have insured which parts of their body, and for how much. While the rest of us are getting auto insurance and health insurance, these celebrities are insuring everything from mustaches to tastebuds.

Why It’s Good

The topic is intriguing because it seems so strange. I can’t imagine anyone, Tom Jones or not, getting an insurance quote for chest hair. I guess these are very much parts of their careers, but it seems crazy somehow, and that’s what makes it fun.

I like the format, for the most part. The bodies in the middle don’t really add much as far as information (do I really need to group all those that insured their legs?), but they give it a style. They actually give you a sense that a large range of different body elements are insured, too.

What It’s Missing

I would like to know what these celebrities paid to be covered. Maybe the information isn’t (as) public, but I’m really curious to know what Mariah Carey would have to pay for a billion dollars worth of leg insurance. It makes sense to insure a nice piece of plastic surgery work, say Scarlett Johansson’s breast surgery or Gisele’s nose job. But it’s unfathomable how these celebs can collect on non-plastic all-natural parts, or body parts that inevitably deteriorate in time.

Stylistically, I like the round female lines contrasting with the angular male lines, but I don’t like that the female lines curl excessively. The lines could have curved and still pointed relatively straight to the body part. Small complaint, though.

This infographic was found at FreeInsuranceQuotes here.